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Labor Shortage

California and Nevada are facing a major shortage of electricians now and in the coming years due to the rising age of the average electrician and a growing demand for skilled workers in the building industry. One of WECEF's goals is to help address this shortage by expanding educational opportunities in the trade and recruiting men and women into the field to meet the growing demand.

Developing Technology

The use of computer software and electronically sophisticated equipment in the electrical and construction trades has dramatically increased in the last ten years. There is a need to train workers to use this software and equipment in order to keep pace with technological advances in the electrical trade. WECEF's efforts will address the need for continuing education to help electricians keep pace with changes in technology.

Diversity and Outreach

Community outreach efforts between the electrical trade and educational associations and local school districts to inform non-college-bound youth about the possibility of an electrical career are limited. In addition, there is a need for additional outreach efforts to women and minorities. Through our outreach and recruiting efforts, WECEF hopes to help develop our trade to better represent our diverse population.

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